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Warranty on Used Oboes

I want you to be happy with your used instrument purchase.  All of the used oboes I sell have a limited one year warranty.  The warranty does not cover damage due to abuse or misuse; all repairs must be done by me.  I offer a money back trial, and I will refund the full purchase price of the instrument for any reason within the first two weeks from the purchase date.  This refund will not include shipping and handling or any new accessories that had been purchased with the instrument that have been used.  Contact me with any questions you may have.

Fox 333 Oboe

Picture to be posted soon

The Fox 333 oboe is a resin body instrument with a modified conservatory key work.  This oboe does not have a third octave key, a Low Bb vent key, a split ring D key or an articulated C# to Low B.  This oboe is in great shape and should serve the needs of all but the professional level player.  The Fox oboes are well made, have a great scale, and hold their value well.

$2295.00 plus tax

Yamaha 441 Oboe

Yamaha 441 plastic TJ-1

This Yamaha 441 has a plastic top joint making it a great intermediate grade instrument for a student.  It features a left hand F and a low Bb key.  This oboe is in excellent condition!  It comes with a case cover.   

$2100.00 plus tax

Yamaha 410 Oboe


This instrument is in excellent condition.  The all resin body resists cracking and the scale is good.  The 410 is a excellent student instrument and a great value.  This instrument has a modified conservatory key system including a left hand F lever and a low Bb key.  There is no third octave key.

$1897.00 plus tax- two oboes available

Yamaha 411 Oboe

yahama 411 oboe

 This is a great student oboe with a good scale.  The YOB 411 has a grenadilla body, and a modified conservatory key system.  It has a low B-flat key, a left hand F lever, and an F resonance key.

$2250.00 plus tax


Fox 330 Oboe

Picture to be posted soon

This Fox 330 oboe is one of the most solid student oboes available.  It features a resin body with a modified conservatory key system.  The instrument has a left hand F lever, a low B-flat key, an F resonance key, and an articulated C-sharp/low B.  This oboe is one of the early Fox oboes.  It does not have a third octave key. 


$2395.00 plus tax




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